Retail Analytics

Intelligent analysis of customer behavior


Informative coming and going

Retail Analytics allows you to conduct analyses of customer movements inside or near your business. They are accomplished by analyzing mobile terminal devices within the range of your business or your WLAN environment, for example – even if customers don’t directly log in to your WLAN. This establishes how many people pass by, how many stop in front of a shop, and how many go in.

The analysis also shows exactly where customers stop during their visits and for how long. This provides you valuable insights into the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and window displays, for instance. These results can then be used for informative comparisons between individual locations or among various advertising measures.

It also opens up new channels for reaching customers: You could, among other things, offer your customers a free WLAN hotspot on the condition that they log in to a personal Facebook account and like your business, or the customer could first receive advertising or information about current specials by means of display screens, mobile push notifications, or the digital presentation of current gift certificates.

A Facebook log-in integrated into WLAN provision could also be used to gather anonymous customer data (age, gender, language).

Other analyses could be conducted, subject to technical solution and integration. Retail Analytics combines the issues of Big Data and Business Intelligence in a sophisticated manner.

The components of a simple solution are generally as follows:

  • WLAN infrastructure
  • Analysis software
  • Customer app

Advantages for your business:

  • Direct customer contact with WLAN push
  • Collection of valuable customer information
  • Increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Combination with customer apps (optional)

Advantages for your customers:

  • Free WLAN
  • Simple log-in on Facebook, for instance
  • Push information about promotions and apps at the current location
  • Combination with customer apps (optional)

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